Train Like a Fighter


Shot at the Alliance Training Center in San Diego, California, with Cat Zingano, Darrion Caldwell, Paulina Granados, Tarsis Humphreys, Nicholas Piedmont, and Danyelle Wolf modeling each movement step-by-step. I designed the book and assisted in art direction.

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Medicine Ball Punches
Cat Zingano takes you through the fighter’s training regimen.
Plate Drops
Danyelle Wolf makes plate drops look simple.
Kettlebell Pulls
Nicholas Piedmont illustrates kettlebell pulls.
Soccer Ball Touches
Tarsis Humphreys does soccer ball touches to work on concentration and dexterity.
Ground & Pound
Paulina Granados shows the endurance-building Ground & Pound.
Stability Program
Darrion Caldwell shows how he uses heavy bags to work on stability and agility.
Workout - Time is Meow
The title took me off guard, and I couldn’t stop laughing. This is one of several Strength programs provided within the book.