Projects in which I created the aesthetic and functional visual language, as well as fed into the art direction for photo shoots.

Staples + 5

Former MasterChef contestant Tanorria Askew shares recipes from her family’s Midwestern table. The cookbook draws on a tradition of cooking she learned from her grandparents: make the most of what … Continue readingStaples + 5

The Bean Cookbook

Written and styled by Tami Hardemann, with photography by Hélène Dujardin.

Destination Fatherhood on grey weathered tabletop.

Destination Fatherhood

A complete re-imagining of Idiot’s Guide to Being a New Father by Garrick Street Press. For information about the book itself, check out Destination Fatherhood on Amazon.com

Fight Your Fright against white plaster background.

Fight Your Fright

A complete re-imagining of Idiot’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety for Garrick Street Press. For more information, check out Fight Your Fright on Amazon.com.