Urban Calisthenics


Urban Calisthenics, written by ACE Certified Group X Instructor Tee Major, is all about bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere—making the world your gym. I designed the book and assisted in art direction. The book was shot in Indianapolis in a host of locations by Elese Keturah and features talent from trainers at area fitness centers.

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Movements are organized according to function such as pulling movements or pushing movements, or by target area such as core or whole-body. Here, Kyle Curran executes the Clapping Push-up, which builds arm strength to increase pushing power.
Photos work together to give you a strong sense of how to execute each movement. The instructional text reinforces with clear directions and ways to ensure proper form. Here, Megan Ridley works on core strength with the Buzzsaw.
Workout 3: Bullet-Proof Core
Workouts combine the movements to create effective, targeted routines.
Archer Pull-Up
Tee Major shows the Archer Pull-Up to illustrate an advanced pulling movement. Each exercise features Tee’s “Grind Mode,” which rates each movement’s difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10.